Keple is a one-button gravity puzzle game for Android and iOS. The name is derived from Johannes Kepler who first described planetary orbits. The goal in each level of Keple is to collect all numbered orbs in the right order. To achieve this, the player can tap the screen, which will increase their speed. By carefully adjusting the velocity and using the gravitational fields in the levels, the player can slingshot through around, very much like a space probe.


Keple is the answer to the question "What kind of game would I like to play on mobile?". We wanted to build a game with simple controls and tricky gameplay, without random chance elements, with zero delay when retrying a level, with very smooth animations and attention to detail.


  • Beautiful minimalist graphics and soothing stereo audio - headphones highly recommended
  • 45 challenging levels
  • Two collectible hearts in every level providing a long term challenge even for advanced players
  • Unlockable color schemes, backgrounds, materials, fonts and more - thousands of possible styles for the game
  • Real challenge, real satisfaction: There is no luck, just the player's skill
  • Silky smooth animations, even on low-end devices
  • No in-app purchases


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Jury prize at Games/Bavaria Pitch Contest" Munich, 05 December, 2016
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About Paranoid Software

Paranoid Software is the unofficial name that Bartl Steinmayr chose when first making games in 1998. In 2003 the shoot 'em up Alpha Strike was released as freeware. In 2017 Bartl finally decided to make games for a living and left his IT career. Keple is the first commercial release.
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